Single Shot Exemptions

We are now able to do SSE Pistols for .45 1911s, CZ P-07, and CZ P-09 pistols.

Lancaster Arms Product Line Available

We are now proud to offer the Lancaster Arms of AK47 and AK74 products. Items will be added to our catalog based on customer request. If you’re looking for an AK variant rifle and want something different then Lancaster Arms may be for you. They offer stamped and milled receivers as options and plenty of [...]

UG Imports, LLC Now A Sentry Safe Reseller

We are now able to resell all of Sentry Safe’s products at competitive pricing. Please see the current items in our store: All gun safe products ship direct from Sentry Safe’s warehouse directly to you. Items typically ship within 7-14 days of order being placed and payment received. You will be contacted by [...]

Lancer Translucent 30 Round Mags In Stock The L5 is a family translucent magazines developed for the 5.56mm AR15/M4/M16 rifle system. It has an impact resistant translucent polymer body, corrosion resistant steel feed lips and a removable, rubber coated bottom. The L5 was designed to be used with the existing magazine pouches and carriers.

The L5 30 Round Magazines have been [...]

Stack-on Safe Sale –

We are currently running a group buy limited to 10-12 safes. If you are interested in picking up a safe and live in the Bay Area between Gilroy and Sacramento please see our posting for more information:

This sale will close on 2/21/2010. Act Now to protect your collection and other valuable documents!