First Time Handgun Owners – Read This

Being a first time gun owner is an exciting point to reach. Many customers have asked, “What do you recommend for my first handgun?”. The reality is I can suggest handguns all day long and they may all be wrong…FOR YOU.

Here’s what we typically suggest to first time gun owners:

Go to a range and test some out or find a local outreach program.

The closest ranges from our office that I know of that rent handguns are: – Dublin – Santa Clara

What I recommend during the range visit is:
1) Take their basic pistol intro if you’ve never shot a firearm or this is your first handgun
2) If you haven’t decided on a caliber I suggest starting with 9mm. Hold the different options they have for rent and see which feels ok in your hand
3) Rent 2-3 that you think feel good and shoot them

You’ll end up spending about $100-200 in range fees, rentals, and ammo depending how many different firearms you decide to try and how much you want to shoot them at the range.

Armed with this information we can then help you acquire the firearm you’re looking for.

I can definitely sell you something I recommend, but you might spend $600 or $700 after tax, state fees, etc… and realize the gun that I like and recommended fits horrible in your hand and you don’t like how it shoots or it is difficult to operate. Spending a little bit up front helps to ensure we find something that will work for you. We want your first experience to go well and not have the firearm end up locked away never to be used again because the experience was not enjoyable.

We hope this information is helpful to you and if you have any additional questions you can email us at or send us a text message at 510-371-4867. We can also schedule a phone call or in person appointment if that is helpful as well.

Thank You!