We do not directly offer training classes. However, depending on the type of training you are looking for there are 2 local organizations we
have direct experience with and would recommend:

  1. – We know most of their instructors and have assisted in a few of their classes. We have been a student in some of their classes and we are currently registered as one of their volunteer instructors. They are a good option if you’re looking for a NRA based class. The type of classes they offer start from the basics assuming you’ve never seen a firearm to classes such as Personal Protection In The Home (basics for home defense with about 6 out of 8 hours on the range). Additionally, they provide classes if you would like to become an NRA instructor.
    • Pros
      • Do Not Need your own firearm for basic classes
      • Many of the classes are suitable for whole family
      • Costs include range fees, firearm usage, and ammunition (if you bring your own firearm you must bring your own ammo)
      • Several of the NRA Course Catalog is available – contact them for current offerings
      • Classes offered that can help you become an NRA instructor
    • Cons
      • Limited live fire exercises in the basic classes – ~2 hours (although this is a pro for most new students)
      • Organization focuses more on the basic classes – those with a lot of experience may want to take instructor level classes if they have a desire to teach
  2. T3 Pros – We know their 2 main instructors and have been a student with them as well. They are a good option once you have the basics down and are looking to really improve marksmanship and speed. The description of their most basic class is:
    This is a technical course for beginner to intermediate shooters (90% of the people reading this) who want to get better at shooting, even if you have taken a course from somewhere else, including Basic, Boot or academy. We go into great detail on the fundamentals of marksmanship and how to shoot faster.

    • Pros
      • Live Fire is the core of what you will be doing
      • You will learn something even if you already have years of experience
      • Discount Code Offered: MOCHI
    • Cons
      • Must own a firearm
      • Currently only offering pistol classes
      • Must supply your own ammunition (expect to use ~300 rounds)
      • Requires a holster made for your firearm and mag pouches to attend class (extra cost)
      • Cannot share a firearm across multiple family members
      • You will get much more for your money if you understand the basics of your firearm before attending the class