Pistol Receivers/Frames Transfer Information

With some exemptions you can receive just a pistol lower. However, realize there’s some gray area (not tested in courts) that you may get in trouble for manufacturing an unsafe handgun. See: https://oag.ca.gov/system/files/attachments/press-docs/consumer-alert.pdf
1st sentence in number 2 which reads: “If you intend to manufacture or assemble your own firearm…”

This will not affect our ability to transfer the lower to you, but you need to be aware of this so you can do your own risk management. This does not become an issue if you receive a complete off roster pistol since it will be DROSd to you as a semi-auto pistol and not a frame/receiver.

The only ways a non-law enforcement CA resident can receive a pistol receiver/frame are:
1) Interstate intrafamilial transfer
2) Via CA PPT from a CA resident that already has one. We will DROS these the same way they were DROSd previously (single shot or semi auto depending on circumstances)