Updating Address with CA DOJ

If you need to update your address with CA DOJ to ensure that you can use the Standard Ammunition background check you will need to register one of your current firearms with CA DOJ. This can be a firearm already registered with CA DOJ and does not have to be a new one that is not “on the books” currently. You will want to follow this process any time you change addresses if you have not already purchased or registered a firearm at the new address. The following steps can be followed:

    1. Go here: https://cfars.doj.ca.gov/ 
    2. Create an Account
    3. After you get logged in click on:
    4. Read the information and then click on:
    5. Click this checkbox
    6. And fill in the form (all the fields with red * next to it are required). The firearm info will look similar to this:
    7. Click Preview
    8. Review the information and then click on the checkbox for Agree and the button for Submit Final
    9. After hitting “Submit Final” you need to go to the “Cart” and checkout similar to as if you were purchasing something.  Until you checkout, your application will not be submitted. 
    10. After submitting, you should get approval within a few days but will need to go back to the website to check in the “Notices” section.  The approval should look similar to this: